Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oval Newlywed Game

If you don't like MoDo, pass this by. Anything involving that Irish redhead and the words 'newlywed game' piques this dirty old man's interest! Alas, she's talking about the relationship between Obama and Biden, which, while interesting, made my pique, er, droop.

Admittedly, it must be an adjustment for the president, a detached observer who “travels light,” as friends put it, to be yoked to such a garrulous social animal.

It can’t be easy for someone with a highly defined superego to be bound to the wacky Biden id, for one so disciplined to be tied to one so undisciplined, for a man so coolly unsentimental to be paired with someone so exuberantly sentimental.

Mr. Biden’s stream of consciousness can be impolitic. Politico’s Glenn Thrush refers to “the human political polygraph that is Joseph Robinette Biden.” It can also be bracingly honest.

Obama advisers say that the two men get on well and that the president wants his second’s candid advice. Mr. Biden considers Mr. Obama inclusive.

But some aides joke about the care and feeding of Mr. Biden’s ego, and kid about the way the vice president clings to the president’s schedule. Mr. Biden puts out guidance about his schedule — a refreshing change from the black hole of Cheney.

There's more.

All the too-easy 'Odd Couple' references aside, those two guys are as different as night from day, and I like them both and think they are just what we need after emerging from Cheney's black hole (shudder) into some light.

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