Monday, February 16, 2009

Quote of the Day


FUCK YOU, John McCain, you fucking hypocrite.

Yeah, I'm home. What a fucking surreal trip and to top it off, through our friends Annie and Joe (whom we travel with), I met up with a high school colleague I hadn't seen in 30 years (who is now a Homeland Security agent; at least two people from that piece-of-shit school made good. Most of the alumni hold reunions in Ossining.) last night in Ft. Lauderdale who has a German girlfriend who was born not far from where my people are. Small fucking world. We had a hell of a party at dinner last night with Annie and Joe along.

Shayna's home too and the family is back together. Home is good. I'll get some more pics up from the trip soon. Bandwidth sucked on the ship and I didn't look at any other blogs so I'm catching up tonight before I pass out (I did see that twit McCain on the tube with that other twit John King). Back in regular form tomorrow. Dropped my liver off at Betty Ford on the way home to have it wrung out and dried. Heh ...

Jesus H. Christ, Gord, how much fucking snow did you get? Shit, bro ...

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