Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey, where ya gonna go when de volcano blow?*

I was so dazzled by Nucks' abso-fuckin'-lutely excellent post that Fixer linked to (Don't miss it! He gives Jiveass Jindal what for!) that I went looking for stuff. Here's a really cool interactive map of about 24 volcanoes on the Wes' Coas'. I tried to put it in here but it was waaay too big.

I can sometimes see Mt. Lassen, 114 miles away, from Martis Peak Lookout. Scroll down at the 'Lassen' link for a cool rotating panoramic view.

There's a couple of 'em down by the Mexican border, but I drive right through the Long Valley Caldera every time I go to L.A.

Here's a little of what the USGS has to say about future eruptions in that area:

Although the chance of a volcanic eruption in any given year is small, future eruptions will occur in the Long Valley area. Because volcanic unrest can escalate to an eruption in a few weeks or less, USGS scientists are closely monitoring activity in this region. To be able to provide the public with reliable and timely warnings before an eruption, the USGS has joined local and State authorities in developing procedures for responding to changing levels of volcanic unrest in the Long Valley area. The ongoing work of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program in this and other volcanic regions of the United States helps to better protect people's lives and property from volcano hazards.

Check out the USGS Volcanic Hazards Program. Complete with live web cams! Right now they're monitoring a volcano in Alaska that's fixin' ta pop that Moosebreath can see from her house.

Jindal thinks this shit is Librul pork? I got a #10 can of jalapeños that I volunteer to shove up his ass open end first to teach him a little about volcanoes. I'm glad a little of my money is going for this stuff. It's my back yard too, and I wanta know which way to run and how far.

Is JJ against spending money to monitor conditions and warn his constituents about impending natural phenomena too? Not that they ever have those in Hurricane Alley. Or is he just such an ignorant backwoods Repuglickin' coon-ass swamp fuck that he's either never heard there are volcanoes in this country, or else he wants the Left Coast blown off the map?

Or did he just pick a line out of the stim that sounded like no one would climb his frame for it? Note to Jiveass-jee: There's about 40,000,000 Americans that live within range of volcanoes, dumbass. Ya fucked up, and I hope you get the prez nom in '12 too. Or vice-prez nom under Moosebreath, better yet. Your defeat will be the end of you both, we'll be rid of you, and the nation will be safe from your ignorant Repug ideology for a generation. It'll take that long to fix all your Repug fuckups anyway.

A quote from 'Nucks. My sentiments exactly:

Damn, I certainly would hate for your ass to pay one fucking nickel for any monitoring, ya know.

Kiss my ass you ignorant fuck.

*And thank you Jimmy Buffett!

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