Monday, February 23, 2009

Stimulus ...

We were out stimulating the economy on Long Island all weekend getting stuff for the new construction (Home Depot was happy to see us after 2 weeks vacation "About time you showed up; we had to lay off three people since you been gone.") and installing some of the lighting. I was also hanging artwork ("A little to the left; no, a little to the right; no, up a little, no down a little."), and wiring the entertainment center. Oy!

So, while I'm doing all this, I had CNN on as background noise and I hear the Rethug 4, the governors who say they won't accept the stimulus money, with their made-up excuses for not taking federal largess. I wonder if the residents of their respective states feel the same way and will remember come Election Day.

I'm with our Senator Schumer (a first) that whatever money they don't take should be spread to the states who do. Fuck 'em. The sad thing is, I know Louisiana could benefit from the cash, so could Mississippi, and I feel for the folks in those states but hey, you elected these assholes. We can use the scratch.

That said, I got an infrastructure project for ya. My street. Jesus H. Christ, I haven't seen it this bad in 35 years. Good god, driving home is like taking a lap on the Goodyear test track. I asked Mrs. F yesterday, as we're approaching the house and I swerve to miss a crater, "Hey, baby, how long have we been living on the Moon?." Hey, Suffolk County Department of Public Works, Barry gave you the bread; start paving, mofos.

Off to work. Construction pics later.

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