Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quote of the Day два

A comment on a piece in Think Progress about Bush's mis-speaking tour on how he kept us 'safe':

“kept the country safe for more than seven years”

Unfortunately he was President for eight years. It’s like saying falling off an 80 story building is perfectly safe for more than 79 stories.

And then, splat.

And that one teensy little attack he let slip by? Well, he didn't start trying to prevent them 'til the next day so it doesn't count. To be fair, and it's as fair as I care to be to him, his bumbling efforts foiled a few attacks that would have never succeeded, like the pizza delivery clowns in New Jersey, and the morons in Miami that were recruited to get busted, stuff like that.

He better thank his lucky stars the real terrorists were happy with the results of 9/11 and are content to wait a while before the next one.

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