Thursday, March 12, 2009

All you need to know ...

About the Beltway 'journalists' (Keith and Rachel excepted). Greenwald:


That's the most important truth of American political life: journalists like Fineman (and Ignatius, Marcus, etc. etc.) endlessly pretend to be watchdogs over the political establishment when, in fact, they are nothing more than subservient appendages to it, loyal spokespeople for it, completely merged into it. It's not that we have a press that fails to perform its function. They perform it perfectly. The point is that their function is to amplify and glorify establishment power -- the exact opposite of what Thomas Jefferson thought they would be doing when he advocated for a free press as the supreme safeguard against abuses of power.

If it weren't for the 'news' media, Bush would have been impeached before the end of his first term.

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