Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Large popcorn, extra butter, please

The Raw Story

Now that the dust has just begun to settle after last week's battle royale between Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele and radio host Rush Limbaugh, the last thing the party would want is another internecine feud.

But here it comes anyway.

Oh boy!

On a column written just before conservative pundit Ann Coulter sets out on a highly publicized debate tour with comic Bill Maher, the daughter of the Republican party's last presidential candidate says that promoting her "as the face of the Republican Party is a recipe for disaster."

Works for me.

According to the twenty-four-year-old Meghan McCain, who only recently registered with the GOP, "certain individuals continue to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Republicans."

And yer point is...? The truth has a decidedly negative slant when applied to Repugs.

"Especially Republican women. Who do I feel is the biggest culprit? Ann Coulter," McCain writes in a Daily Beast blog.

McCain continues, "I straight up don’t understand this woman or her popularity. I find her offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time. But no matter how much you or I disagree with her, the cult that follows Coulter cannot be denied. She is a New York Times best-selling author and one of the most notable female members of the Republican Party. She was one of the headliners at the recent CPAC conference (but when your competition is a teenager who has a dream about the Republican Party and Stephen Baldwin, it’s not really saying that much).

Here's the joy in all this - the wingnuts are fighting over who gets to be the bull goose loony most 'offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing' amongst them! Outstanding!

It's like a Steel Cage Death Match - "Many wingnuts enter, worst wingnut leave as face of Repuglitard party!"

I'm diggin' the shit out of it!

As far as 'promoting' The Coultergeist or other reactionary radicals as the face of their party, I say promote 'em all! Make 'em all Admirals in The Grand Wingnuttia Space Fleet and let 'em duke it out. Let's get this over with!

Make that a tub o' popcorn!

Note to Ms. McCain: I don't really think there are any Repug 'moderates', but, and I'm in a particularly generous frame of mind today, there may be a few sane ones. If you think there are enough of you to ever have any political viability ever again, best to come up with a new name for your end of the Repug party ('end of the Repug party' has a nice ring to it!). Oh, and 'Democrats' is taken.

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