Sunday, March 8, 2009

The First American Dictator

I got no idea who Bruce Mulkey is, but he tamps Bush's crap into a nice, neat brick:

What are the dictatorial powers bestowed on George W. Bush by the previously-undisclosed DOJ memos? He had the power to:

1. Deploy the U.S. military inside the U.S.
2. Order foreigners and citizens alike arrested and held indefinitely without charges
3. Command the military to search citizens’ homes
4. Instruct the NSA to spy on citizens, listen in on their phone calls and read their emails
5. Suspend freedom of speech and freedom of the press

Apparently he only got around to implementing #2 and #4, but god only knows what he’d done if there had been another terrorist attack on American soil.

Since the election of President Obama, I had decided to relegate Bush and his associates to history, preferring to participate in bringing about change in my community and in our nation. But these memos reveal duplicitous and treasonous behavior, and DOJ officials have indicated that there is more damning evidence yet to be released.

The men and women responsible for these illegal and immoral acts must be held accountable. They, and others who might emulate them, need to know that we, the citizens of this nation, will not stand for further desecration of our civil liberties. They need to be held up as examples so that others will be loath to go down this path again. Bush and his pals need to do be investigated, indicted, convicted and imprisoned, for these men and women were the true terrorists, and they came closer to eradicating American democracy than Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda ever will.

I have nothing to add to that.

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