Thursday, October 29, 2009

1/3 ...

That's how big a percentage of our health care dollars are wasted:

In the wake of its shocking assessment that employer-provided health insurance now covers only 54.6% of the American people, Thomson Reuters released a disturbing assessment of wasteful spending in the U.S. health care system. Echoing the estimates of Obama OMB chief Peter Orszag and others, the analysis highlighted by Keith Olbermann[*] Tuesday concluded that the United States wastes up to $700 billion a year - a third of the nation's total $2 trillion health care spending.


And we're worried about what a 'public option' would do to the deficit? Big Healthcare is already bankrupting us, and then throwing 30% of what we pay them away. How is what we have now better? At least, with the government, you have someone to bitch to and threaten with our votes. The boards of directors of the HMOs don't give a shit.

*Video at the link.

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