Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dallas Pendejo Dept. Gives Traffic Tickets For Not Speaking English

Raw Story

Police officers in Dallas, TX have issued at least 39 citations to drivers in the last three years for the non-existent infraction of not speaking English.

Police Chief David Kunkle has apologized publicly to the city's Spanish-speaking community. "I was stunned that this would happen," Kunkle stated. "In my world, you would never tell someone not to speak Spanish."

All pending citations will be dismissed, fines will be returned, and the offices involved will be investigated for dereliction of duty.

It's a sad commentary that people would actually pay fines for bogus tickets out of ignorance and/or fear than go against the system even a little bit.

Go see the photo of the lady who finally questioned this bullshit. Good on ya, Señora Mondragon.

According to WFAA, "Brenda Mondragon said her mother is still learning English. She added that she believes Officer Bromley -- who is still in training -- clearly needs more of it. "

Pinches chotas.

Note: besides being slang for 'cop', chota is also slang for 'taint' and for sitting in the middle in the back seat. Heh.

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