Friday, October 30, 2009

Jane on Miss Connecticut

Back before the flood when I was one horny young Jarhead amongst many, we were given to hyperbole concerning the for all practical purposes non-existent opposite sex, and we used phrases like this to describe our feelings about attractive sexy women:

"I'd low-crawl a mile through ground glass to sniff the tire tracks of the truck that carries her skivvies to the laundry."

We would have too if the opportunity had presented itself, which of course it didn't.

The drop-dead gorgeous Jane Hamsher (wiki) of Firedoglake was in about first grade then, but she is the perfect example of what we were talking about. Her wit, brains, and the committed Liberal activism that have launched her to Blogtopian superstardom were not what we had in mind, but are definitely part of the package now.

That said, fast forward this video to 6:00 and watch her give you arguably the most disturbing visual of Joe Lieberman you will ever have! Oh, the horror...

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