Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No shit ...

CNN's ratings have crashed through the basement floor:


Wolf Blitzer has two traits, incredible blandness and mixed with stupidity; Larry King is a horrid mix of Charlie Rose and Methuselah. CNN tries to play off the notion it doesn't "spin" news, but what the heck is Lou Dobbs? Dobbs ratings are terrible, so bad that when his contract is up he won't even be able to do the "Tucker Carlson Failure Tour" and hit each and every cable news network while circling the drain. MSNBC doesn't want him, even FoxNews doesn't want him.

If Lou wants to work in TV, it looks like he'll have to do news on Telemundo.


I was hoping Wolfie wasn't really as dumb as he acts but I guess it ain't an act (I only tune in when I get home from work to see Jack). When I see Larry King, I half expect him to keel over any second, wondering if paramedics are always waiting just off-camera. I won't get into Fox-wannabe Lou Dobbs.

If CNN wants to recapture its former ratings glory, the first thing to do is pay Ted Turner a lot of money to come back. Then clean house and find some anchors like Bernie Shaw, you know, with some brains in their head instead of a 60 mph wind blowing between their ears.

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