Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The stench of hypocrisy ... Part Eleventy Billion

Since we have all this sturm und drang from the Right over underpants boy getting on a plane being all Obama's fault. Tintin:


So let’s set our flux capacitor to January 7, 2002, just days after Richard Reid snuck a shoe bomb onto a plane and see Jonah calling for Tom Ridge’s head on a platter. Oh dear. Not a word about shitcanning anyone in the Bush administration. Instead we have Jonah making the deliriously insane argument that the Reid incident is an argument for racial profiling because had Reid been an Arab named Mohammed racial profiling might have kept him off of the flight from Paris. No seriously.


And for a bonus, Ted "Dixie Chick me (if I actually made money off my music anymore)" Nugent is running his yap again.

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