Friday, January 1, 2010

Stuff you can go to jail for today that was OK yesterday...

Fixer and I have sort of an ongoing contest to see which of California's and New York's legislatures is the more useless. It's close. It ebbs and flows depending on the day.

I'm claiming No. 1 today!

Go read some of the new laws going into effect today in California. You decide.


California ushers in new laws limiting trans fats, the paparazzi and more

In 2010, hundreds of new rules will be enforced. Among them, a ban on shortening cows' tails; a $20,000 fine for human trafficking; and tougher penalties for mortgage fraud and watching dogfights.

There are many, some good, some kinda silly, but here's one that made me shake my head:

Vietnam veterans: Establishes an annual Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day on March 30.

At first I thought maybe this was long past due until I realized that some of those guys ain't back yet. Maybe about 2050 we'll get a law like this for Iraq and Afghanistan vets. And then another one in 2090 and...

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