Friday, January 1, 2010

Have We Learned Anything from the Bush Years?

Washington's Blog, a 'recommended read'.

Fear makes people stupid.

It makes us unable to think straight. And it makes us give up our power to tough-talking authoritarians.

The Bush maladministration and Repugs in general well know this. It's their main tool for trying to get what they want to their enrichment and our detriment.

Have we learned anything from the revelations that the Bush administration lied us into the need for a war in Iraq, lied about the need for torture, lied about the reason for spying, loss of constitutional rights, and an overwhelmingly powerful executive branch?

Have we learned anything from the discovery that unnecessary war, torture and panic over sporadic terrorist attacks create more terrorism and reduce national security?

Or will our fear of the underwear bomber and other terrorist acts scare us into stupidity again, as it did so many people during the Bush years?

Sure, if we let them, and they are damn sure still working the fear tactic.

Did we learn anything during the Bush Era? Some of us did and too many didn't.

Continue the march.

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