Monday, December 28, 2009

W**-M*** continues to suck

According to the New York Times, Wal-Mart can give employees "demerits" that can lead to termination if they call in sick! We think the real demerits should go to Wal-Mart for their bad sick days practices, which risk making the public sick and their employees sicker. Give Wal-Mart a "Demerit Badge" today!


ABC News

A Pennsylvania Walmart Supercenter videotaped employees and customers in a unisex bathroom, several former and current Walmart employees alleged in a lawsuit filed this week.

Several employees discovered an "off-the-shelf" video camera in a store bathroom March 31, 2008, according to the court filing. The unisex bathroom, which also served as a changing room, was used by employees and customers. Customers and employees were not notifed of the surveillance, according to the court filing.

Walmart said two workers were responsible for the camera.

"Two associates were terminated for placing a camera in an associate dressing room bathroom," Walmart spokesman Greg Rossiter said. "When store management learned of the camera, it was immediately removed."

The company declined further comment.

According to the court filing, the camera was installed by Walmart's loss-prevention unit.

The camera was used to monitor employees for possible theft and it is unclear how long the surveillance took place, McLain said. None of the plaintiffs, however, were accused of stealing from the store.

A store manager acknowledged the existence of the surveillance camera only after employees produced a photo of the camera, McLain said.

Monitoring employee theft? The camera was in the fucking TIRE DEPARTMENT! Yeah, when I worked as a tire man, I always snuck tires out in my shorts! Maybe they were just swiping the really cool little green valve caps that signify nitrogen instead of air in the tires. Yeesh.

Three of the plaintiffs were terminated after complaining to store management about video surveillance, McLain said.

They fired the guys who did it and the the guys that did something about it. It's a Repug thing.

Muck Fal-Wart.