Monday, August 2, 2010

NAE Urges Church to Cancel "International Burn a Quran Day"

Following up on Fixer's post, Talk To Action has more on the ever-so-xtian Kill A Commie For Christ Burn A Quran Day and the founders and perpetrators of the phony "church". Links at site.

Dove World Outreach Center has been featured on Talk2Action before for their visible anti-Islamic protests. In an ironic twist, their pastor, Terry Jones, testified in 1997 U.S. congressional hearings on religious freedom in Europe, where he complained of intolerance and revocation of the tax-free status of his charismatic church in Cologne, Germany.

Smart, those Krauts. IRS, listen up.

In a press release the National Association of Evangelicals has urged Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, led by Terry and Sylvia Jones, to cancel their International Burn a Quran Day to be held on September 11. [...]

Pigeon (Flying Rat) World is too whackjob for the whackjobs.

Terry Jones is an apostle in the "apostolic and prophetic" movement which teaches the "five-fold ministry" preparing the church for the end times. (Note that Jones is not one of C. Peter Wagner's International Coalition of Apostles members.) Jones is also author of the book Islam is of the Devil which can be purchased along with matching coffee mugs. The church provides instructions by Pastor Wayne Sapp on how Christians should go about burning the Quran, complete with a test run.

Jones founded and pastored a large independent charismatic church in Cologne, Germany, and was serving there when he testified in U.S. Congressional hearings titled "Religious Intolerance in Europe Today" before the Commission on European Security and Cooperation. The hearings were chaired by Senator Alphonse D'Amato on September 18, 1997, and other witnesses included John Travolta for the Church of Scientology.

Scientology. Yeah, there's the voice of religious tolerance. I bet Congress believed 'em too, being under oath and all. No, they're not intolerant their own selves. Everybody else is. Yeesh, Cult Day on Capitol Hill.

The Dove World Outreach Center has also been in the news for their protest against a gay mayoral candidate, and coincidentally, risking their tax exemption status. Student members have drawn attention in the press for wearing their "Islam is of the Devil" t-shirts to local public schools. On August 2, the church will be holding a No Homo Mayor protest in front of the Gainesville City Hall.

No intolerance there, nosirree, good Xtians to a man. How d'ya say "yeesh" in Islam? Will "oy" do?

I wish these phony bastards would keep in mind that Jesus, whom they claim to follow but don't, was a dark-skinned Liberal Jew from the Middle East. Oh wait, that wouldn't do at all.

To-be-fair Update:

There are, of course, real Christians. Too bad they're usually drowned out by the phonies.


Ariz. Churches Mobilize Against Immigration Law

O'DOWD: On the day the watered-down law went into effect, demonstrations against it still went ahead, beginning here at the Episcopal Trinity Cathedral. Religious leaders and politicians stood in the pulpit and roused about 400 people to continue the fight.

(Soundbite of congregation chanting in Spanish)

Ms. PRISCILLA AUSTIN: Christ going to the cross was the very presence of a brown man being sent to the execution chamber on some trumped up charges.

O'DOWD: This is Priscilla Austin. Shes a vicar at a local Lutheran church, who says the merger of religion, justice and politics goes way back to the beginning of Christianity. Austin says modern politics has forced her congregation into hiding. Attendance has been cut in half at Hispanic prayer services since Arizonas immigration controversy began. Nearby Episcopal and Catholic churches report similar drops. Austin believes people are afraid to be in public.

To normal peaceful folks, I guess the neighborhood loonies are scary. White v brown. See "scapegoat du jour" elsewhere in the Brain today.

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