Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I Was Angry

Anthony Weiner, finally a Congressman who's got a pair and went off on the Repug bastards, in the NYTimes:

LAST week I got angry on the floor of the House. In this age of cable and YouTube, millions of people evidently saw the one-minute-plus clip. But there has been relatively little focus on why the substantive debate that sparked it matters.

More broadly, while I appreciate the concern over the future of civility in politics, I believe a little raw anger right now is justified. Democrats make a mistake by pretending there is a bipartisan spirit in Congress these days, and would be better served by calling out Republican shams.

Instead of engaging in a real debate about how to address the challenges we face, Republicans have turned to obstruction, no matter the issue, and then cry foul after the fact. They claim to want an open legislative process with more consultation and debate, but the truth is they simply don’t want to pass anything.

Meanwhile, conservative television and talk radio programs are full of false anger, intended to scare Americans. I think some genuine frustration at this misleading tactic is overdue.

That’s why I got mad last week. That’s also why I’m going to fight for this bill when we come back in session in September. I’m still angry. Playing politics on important issues is never right. But on health care for 9/11 responders, it’s an outrage.

The Repugs have their marching orders, which I call Project Obama Fail. They've pulled the same stunt before and will again. They don't care about the 9/11 responders, your kids, working folks, etc., etc., or the good of the nation or anything beyond the upcoming election. They think obstructionism is the Glory Road to regaining power.

I do not, but it depends on their behavior becoming so outrageous and egregious that reg'lar folks who aren't immersed in politics finally notice it and get the message and reject them at the polls. The 9/11 Responders bill was a big straw in the pile already loaded on the camel's back. I'm hoping for the one that collapses the camel very soon.

Keep up the cheap shit, Repugs. We'll test your theory come November.

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