Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoot me ...

I'm on vacation as of last night but it sure don't feel like it. Needless to say, Shayna going downhill so quickly over the past two weeks had us focused on her. Thing is, we're leaving for our 20th Anniversary shindig on Tuesday, Usually, for a trip like this, the two week run up is the time everything gets attended to. Laundry (both dry cleaning and regular), figuring out what to bring, what to wear (we'll be getting remarried by the Commodore of Cunard's fleet), and what not to, buying tickets online to attractions we'd like to see while we're there, and getting money changed (for this trip we need Euro, Pounds Sterling, and Rubles) so we have some cash with which to stimulate the local economies. Then to pack the Mrs. for a month, heh ... And we're also setting to the sad task of packing up Shayna's stuff (I finally picked up her food and water bowls about 20 minutes ago) to be stored, which we want to have done before we leave.

That said, I won't be around much in the next couple days getting everything squared away. You will, of course, be able to follow our travels on Worlds. See yas soon and thanks again for all the kind wishes about Shayna.

That said, there may be a four-legged friend around here again soon. Details when we get back.

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