Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"...rank self-servers and craven cowards ..."

NY Daily News

After the way it handled the 9/11 health bill last week, the United States House of Representative has no right to pass ethical judgment on Charlie Rangel or anybody else.


If Rangel broke the law, let somebody with a legitimate badge and bona fide moral authority lock him up.

If he is going to be put on trial, let it be in an actual courthouse, not a political whorehouse.

Let's be clear about this - Rangel is not on 'trial' for 'ethics violations'. Those are so common as to be business as usual in Congress. He's on 'trial' because he got caught. In an election year where Dems are runnin' even more scared than usual, which is pretty scared.

When the Repugs were in power, they swept everything under the rug unless it involved a Dem with a dead girl or a live boy or frozen money or, well, anything they could jack him up for. Repugs could get away with anything that wasn't clearly criminal or even things that were as long as it didn't get in the media or bring federal law enforcement in.

Repugs are definitely a higher class of criminals. More practice at it than Dems.

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