Monday, November 29, 2010

I gotta take a ...

Wikileak along with a document dump.

I'm conflicted over this Wikileak thing:

The US has strongly criticised the release by the website Wikileaks of thousands of extracts from US diplomatic messages.

Among the revelations is a report Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah urged the US to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, said the US authorities were afraid of being held to account.


As an ex-GI, my sphincter is seriously torqued, thinking some of this information could be used to put our troops in more danger than necessary. Part of me wants this guy Assange and his peeps hung by the balls.

The other says, thanks to the ineptitude and coopting of our news media, that these guys are doing the 'watchdog' job the media has abdicated (airing the dirty doings in the light of day). After all the lies and distortions from the Bush and, yes, now the Obama administrations, someone has to get the truth out there.

It's fucked up that it has to be done this way but, until we get real news as opposed to the crap that goes through the 'corporate filter', until we get politicians who stand up to their corporate patrons, let them leak away. Maybe future administrations might think twice about getting us into 'wars of convenience' if they know their secret machinations might reach the light of day, or end up being evidence at their trials.

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