Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please pardon the light blogging

We had five days of snow. I've got about 3 feet of the stuff and I've been clearing it every day. We've also had some sub-zero weather so I've been picking and choosing my times to do it. The noon-to-2PM window is about as good as it's gonna get, temperature-wise.

I've been using my new Honda snowblower, along with an assortment of snow removal tools and 5, count 'em 5, pairs of gloves. My fingers get cold. Mrs. G dug me out a pair of snow mitts she made for me from a kit 30 years ago and they work great for the snowblower but not much else. Now my toes get cold. Ya can't win...

A word about my snowblower. Damn, can that thing clear snow! It throws it so far I've had to be careful not to fill my neighbor's driveway. Heh. In motorcycle terms, the thing's like going from a 250cc to a 40-inch Triumph. Goddam, this thing's got power! Goddam, this is fun! Well, almost. I mentioned to Mrs. G that I wished I'd got one of these sixteen years ago when I got the one that just died, that I'd been working unnecessarily hard all these years. She brought me back to earth by reminding me we couldn't afford a Honda back then, that we were lucky to get the one we got to replace the even less expensive one that had just blown up. As in rod-through-the-block blew up. Serendipitously my bank account could take this hit about the time I think I need to expend a little less effort. Older and richer. Sigh.

By the way, I have always called 'em 'snowthrowers' because they throw the snow. They fling it, they don't blow it. Honda calls it a 'snowblower' so now I will too. Who can argue with the biggest engineering company in the world? Ya can't win...

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