Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Crazy Redneck Music Blogging

Old & In The Way was a bluegrass super group of the 70's (1973-1974)that included Jerry Garcia, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements and David Grisman. This reunion concert had Herb Pedersen replacing the late Jerry Garcia (banjo) and Bryn Bright on the bass. The reunion concert released the "Old and In The Gray" CD in 2002.

These guys managed to stretch this to 9 minutes. They're old. Maybe they just forgot...

Memorable lines:

We raped and killed we stole your land
We rule with guns and knives
Add whiskey to your warriors
While we stole away your wives
Said Running Elk what's done is done you white men rule this land
So lay the cards face up and play your last broken hearted hand

When you're dealing cards with death the joker's wild the ace is high

Old & In The Way Reunion ~ "Land of the Navajo"

Thanks to AcousticBoxOffice.

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