Thursday, June 30, 2011

Assholery ...

Secaucus Fats has it down to an art form:

One would think that now that New York has legalized gay marriage and the world hasn't ended, New Jersey would be the next likely place for equality to take place. Unfortunately, we have a governor who thinks that just because HE is a Roman Catholic (and frankly, a church hierarchy that has harbored and protected child molesters for decades ought to have no moral authority over anything), he, not the voters, gets to decide whether everyone in the state should have this right.


Addendum: And if, as Fats has been saying all along, he "wants to lure businesses across the Hudson", he should very much get behind gay marriage. NYC and Long Island wedding halls, bars, hotels, and a whole lotta other businesses are gearing up for a flood of same-sex marriages come next month. A big hall out here on the Island is having a mass wedding (several hundred couples) on 24 July, the day the law goes into effect. The gays might be icky to you, big boy, but us NYers know their money is as green as the straight couples'.

Like our treasure Yogi Berra says: "They give you cash, which is just as good as money."