Friday, July 1, 2011

To the limit

Paul krugman on the Repug extortion over the debt ceiling.

Bear in mind that G.O.P. leaders don’t actually care about the level of debt. Instead, they’re using the threat of a debt crisis to impose an ideological agenda. If you had any doubt about that, last week’s tantrum should have convinced you. Democrats engaged in debt negotiations argued that since we’re supposedly in dire fiscal straits, we should talk about limiting tax breaks for corporate jets and hedge-fund managers as well as slashing aid to the poor and unlucky. And Republicans, in response, walked out of the talks.

So what’s really going on is extortion pure and simple. As Mike Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute puts it, the G.O.P. has, in effect, come around with baseball bats and declared, “Nice economy you have here. A real shame if something happened to it.”

And the reason Republicans are doing this is because they must believe that it will work: Mr. Obama caved in over tax cuts, and they expect him to cave again. They believe that they have the upper hand, because the public will blame the president for the economic crisis they’re threatening to create. In fact, it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that G.O.P. leaders actually want the economy to perform badly.

Republicans believe, in short, that they’ve got Mr. Obama’s number, that he may still live in the White House but that for practical purposes his presidency is already over. It’s time — indeed, long past time — for him to prove them wrong.

No shit.


Anonymous said...

You know, since Obama is and will be blamed for everything, including the weather, because he is a Nazi-Communist, atheist, Moslem, foreigner, and half black to boot - seems to me he ought to go balls out for a total fight with the puke class and win, lose, or draw, make them know they've been in a fight. Sometimes, often actually, reasonability doesn't work as the other party is a slimy bully and neither recognizes nor respects reason. That's just my opinion based on experience and probably have a bucketful of screws loose.

Jay in N.C.

Gordon said...

That's what I would do too. Ya gotta bring some to get some.