Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did Glenn Beck Lie about "Attack" in NYC to Drum Up Publicity for New Show?

Why not? He lies about everything else. Following up on Fixer's post:


With his Fox News show down to its last few days, and about to embark on a risky and probably unsuccessful attempt to replicate his cable success on pay-to-view Internet broadcasting, a desperate Glenn Beck cooked up a transparently phony publicity stunt that began to fall apart within hours.

Beck claimed on his radio show this morning, and then later (at great length) on his TV show, that he and his family were victims of an evil liberal mob in a New York park:

Liberal mob. Yeah, they probly blinded him with rainbows and did unspeakable things to his anus with unicorn horns. Go read.


BadTux said...

You can tell it's a lie because in Beck's account, none of the New Yorkers laid the New York state bird on him (the uplifted middle finger, yo), and the word "fuck" wasn't used at all (New Yorkers seem to use it as an adjective, noun, and verb). Or maybe ole' Glenny Majick Undies just left out that part, but you'd think he'd at least comment on the vulgarity, even if not on the specific words and gestures, right?!

- Badtux the Skeptical Penguin

MandT said...

Piss ants have anuses too?

Gordon said...

Perhaps not. Forty years of constipation would explain a lot about Miss Becky. Something musta caused him to be that fulla shit.

The Precious said...

Apply the Judge Judy test: did he file a police report? No police report of the "attack"? Didn't happen.

The Precious said...

Oooh. Damn! Just got a mental picture of Beck cowering before a mob of leather queens in Central Park as they celebrate the SSM law by singing Rainbow and flicking Beck and his family with feather boas.

Sounds like a scene from a new John Waters film.

Gordon said...

Thank you, Precious! There's a visual I can live with!

merlallen said...

You thought that there was a chance he wasn't lying? hahaha, Of course he was. Or else his bodyguards hate him.