Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If ya listen to Larry...Part Deux

Follow-up to Fixer's post yesterday. This isn't settled by a long shot, but it appears to me, because I wish it to be so (why is my other hand filling up so much more quickly...?), that my Stealth Ninja Jedi Prez is pulling off a rope-a-dope worthy of Cassius Clay. The Repugs (and a lot of us) expected him to cave because that's what he's been doing all along. Perhaps he will fool us this time. It's more important that he fool the Repugs into doing what he wanted all along.

I don't like a lot of the stuff he's done or the way he's done them either, but it's all above my pay grade. I'm still down wid him.

Lawrence explains how President Obama continues to outsmart, out-strategize and out-talk the Republicans, in the debt ceiling standoff. Plus, Howard Dean joins The Last Word with more analysis.

If ya don't believe Larry or me, believe Howie.

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Welcome to Republican Cave

Gee, is that anything like Osama's cave...?

Upate II:

You must go read The Rude One's take!

There's myriad ways to look at Mitch McConnell's Deal o' Last Resort that he proffered yesterday. All of them involve the phrase "Fuck it." There's "Fuck it. If Obama loves the debt ceiling so much, he can marry it." And there's "Fuck it. These crazy Tea Party motherfuckers aren't gonna be happy until we're all living in heavily-armed bomb shelters." And there's "Fuck it. I'm sick of negotiating." And on and on, all variations on "Just fuck it."

McConnell announced the plan after taking to the Senate floor to say, "Democrats suck monkey balls." He also said a bunch of nonsense about what he thinks "the American people" want without mentioning that one of the things we want, by a huge majority, is higher taxes on people making far more than most of us.

The Rude Pundit sees this as part and parcel of how McConnell and Boehner have governed. They take themselves out of the battle and merely stand on the sidelines, hurling Molotov cocktails while saying that their pathetic pyromania is leadership.

One other thing: because this doesn't just raise the debt ceiling $2.5 trillion in one fell swoop, it requires a certain amount of trust in the Republicans by the Obama administration. If they dick the President over, then we plunge once again into crisis. Those fuckers aren't worthy of that kind of trust. Why would you let the arsonists guard the gas stove?

The arsonists can guard the gas stove as long as it's in their house and not ours. I hope they set their house alight and stand around arguing if it's really on fire and whether they should call the fire department..


Arthur Mervyn said...

Obama has offered $1.5 trillion in spending cuts in exchange for a small amount of tax increases. All the Republicans have to do is say, "Okay", and we the people are screwed. The Republicans take a little short-term heat for the deal and meanwhile government spending during a near-depression is wiped out big-time.

Obama would have outsmarted the GOP by not letting them pull him into negotiations in the first place. As someone on another blog said, future Democratic presidents will probably never be able to get clean bills increasing the debt ceiling thanks to the precedent that Obama has set.

Fixer said...

Obama would have outsmarted the GOP by not letting them pull him into negotiations in the first place.

That's my beef. You can't give the crazy that much cred. That said, I, looking at it now, think this is the only way he could have done it and achieve a decent result. I certainly wish he would have shown the same fortitude during the health care debate.

Gordon said...

I'm with you, F-Man, and he's taking a huge risk, but he's showing that the Repugs can't take 'yes' for an answer.