Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News Corp/News International/News of the World/phone-hacking/scum-sucking pigfuckers/Murdoch-gate

El Rude-o on the Murdoch scandal(s):

Rupert Murdoch's products in the United States have long been engaged in a one-sided war with the Obama administration. Now there's a justification for joining the fight, bringing all the power of the law to bear. It's a gift. Obama could crush Murdoch and make Bill O'Reilly have to beg CNN to let them blow Blitzer for quarters. The phone-hacking scandal is like God just handed the President a perfect, wet pussy and said, "No, it's okay. You can fuck it. Enjoy."

(Note: He won't fuck it.)

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Fixer said...

(Note: He won't fuck it.)

See, it's already become "conventional wisdom" that Barry will fuck this up too. I don't know but if it were somebody whose sole purpose for living was to destroy my career (and my reputation), I'd do my best to crush them into fine particles. Obama won't. Baffles the shit out of me.