Monday, July 11, 2011

Shed update ...


While I like my new shed, there were some engineering details that pissed me off while I'm trying to get it painted.

Firstly, most of it is made of an engineered wood product, (3/4" OSB with a faux grain for the panels) but all the trim pieces are shitty ass 3/4" knotty pine that is so dry, it sucked the paint off the brush when I got within an inch of it. I hadda put a couple coats of this super duper sealer, anti-bug, anti-moisture primer on it before it would stop drinking up the paint. Then I put a coat of tinted primer on everything. That's where I am now, putting the first coat of color on this morning.

Secondly, I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to affix the door hinges with 3/4" long, #6 drywall screws. Same with the cheap ass lock/door handle. Doesn't matter if you lock it, somebody with a screwdriver can take the lock out or unscrew the hinges, or just pry 'em out of the wood with a dull butter knife. Needless to say I replaced the hinge screws with 1/4" diameter carriage bolts. I didn't give a shit about the lock because I bought two hasps and locks that I pre-drilled for before I painted. Not that I don't trust my neighbors but it's good to keep honest men honest. Nobody's getting in it without the keys without waking up the Dingo Sisters and, in turn, their owner.

And then a little extra anality from me. I caulked everything. Every seam, crack, joint, and nail head before I started priming. The Mrs. thinks I'm nuts but I look at it this way, good preparation pays off when I won't have to paint it or fix rot for 5 years at the least.

That said, I'm satisfied with the rest of it. I did spring for the extra $175 for the heavy duty, pressure treated floor rather than the painted OSB that came standard. Another selling point for me was that most of it is made from recycled wood products and natural, unlike the vinyl or PVC types that will be around for a couple thousand years after I'm not. The installation crew was punctual (they were an hour early), quick (took them less than an hour to put up), and neat (not a scrap of wood, packing, or sawdust was left after they were done). I'd recommend them and the product to anyone.

Back to painting. I want to have this done before the thunderstorms the weather weenie promises for tomorrow.

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Gordon said...

Thank you for, er, shedding so much light on the subject.