Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White House admits marijuana has ‘some’ medical value

Raw Story. Usual nice photo from Fixer's back yard, but that may change now that he has his spiffy new "equipment" shed. For all the hydroponic equipment no doubt. Heh.

Just days after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) insisted that there is no medical value to marijuana, the White House appeared to contradict the position, saying in a report that there may actually be "some" medical value to "individual components of the cannabis plant" after all.

Here's the money shot:

Critics are likely to see the passage as offering a bit of wiggle room for major pharmesutical producers looking to grow marijuana to extract its psychoactive ingredient, THC, or other cannabinoid compounds that have been demonstrated to help abate symptoms of some chronic diseases, like wasting syndrome in AIDS patients or nausea in cancer patients.

In 2007, GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it partnered with Otsuka to bring "Sativex" -- or liquefied marijuana -- to the U.S. [...]

Reinventing the wheel in the process. Ahmed and his fucking camel used to partner to, besides the part involving a milk crate, bring hash oil to the U.S. One stripe of that down the side of a fatty and ZOWIE!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has warned just as much, claiming that federal authorities may be looking to shift policy slightly, if only to legalize marijuana-based medicines for Big Pharma only, which could step in and potentially eradicate the medical marijuana market.

There ya have it - if it can't be to Big Pharma's profit, it can't be legal.

An ABC News poll found last year that eight in 10 Americans favor legalizing medical marijuana.

Since when did that matter to the Big Money or their pols?


Fixer said...

For all the hydroponic equipment no doubt.

Can't even do that around here. The local constabulary likes looking at peoples' houses and out buildings with infrared. Sure way to get busted is let them see a heat bloom in yer basement or shed.

Fixer said...

One stripe of that down the side of a fatty and ZOWIE!

Ah, the good old days!

Gordon said...

The cops here have thermal imaging stuff in their cars but they mostly use it to find DUIs who made it outta their cars and into the woods.

DBK said...

I wonder if the cops here have anything like that. The MN laws are very mild for possession. Less than an ounce and a half or so is a misdemeanor punishable by a $200 fine.