Monday, July 11, 2011

The Real Fox Problem With Ryan's Plan: The Truth DID Come Out

Hillbilly Report, with video.

Since Paul Ryan introduced his draconian "roadmap" for cleaning up the mess he and his cohorts caused on the backs of working Americans the Republican lie machine has been spinning in high gear. They have the tough propoganda sell of telling Americans that they should sacrifice anything the government does for them so the wealthy can horde more money. With their sophisticated network to do just that and many complicit Democrats they have set out to accomplish just that task. However as always in right-wing fantasy land the facts are against them.

As always again the true facts are out there. Why do you think the propoganda machine has to kick into high gear?? They know they have to convince Americans that those nasty liberals are just lying and that they should not expect social security, medicare, or anything else the government provides.

So as always with Republicans if you want to know the real truth just listen to what they say and believe the opposite. Their real problem is not that they truth about the Ryan plan has not come out it is that it has. As always the truth does not support them and they have to lie to try and make it what they want.

This time however it appears as if Americans are smarter than the Republicans thought.

The Repugs have their Dead End Quarter sewed up tight, but the others are starting to catch on after the disastrous results of voting when they were angry in 2010.

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