Friday, August 12, 2011

A Brief Observation on Last Night's Republican Fisticuffs (in Haiku Form)

By The Rude Poet:

Bachmann roughly fucked
Pawlenty with a large red,
white, and blue spiked cross.

(One other note: when Ron Paul is the sanest man in the room, you've got a hell of a lot of problems in your choice of candidates, GOP.)

(One other other note: Mitt Romney is scary.)

Yeah, ol' "Soylent Green Corporations are people!" Romney is that.


You can go see the "highlights" of the Repug talking points turkey slap here if you must. Video too.

A comment:

You mean this wasn't "American Idiot: The Musical"?


Dennis said...

Talk about a feel good moment for us Democrats!

I had no intention of watching, but you know how addictive politics can be. Afterwards, I was left with one word running through my mind ...


Gordon said...

I managed to resist the temptation to watch that shit. It'll be all over TV anyway. Won't miss a thing.

Fixer said...


They're gonna put one of them nuts (doesn't matter which) up against Obama and you can bet they'll automatically get 30 - 40% of the vote. Me and Gordon call them "The Dead End Quarter" because a Republican can tell them that eating a shit sandwich with cheese is patriotic and All-American and they'd do it.

Gordon said...

eating a shit sandwich with cheese is patriotic

Is it still patriotic if it's government give-away cheese? Government (or GOP) give-away shit? There's plenty of that.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the circus but while passing through the TV room, I swear I thought I saw Tim Pawlenty look at Bachmann and say something like "Stop it. You're killing us." ???

Pretty funny. Won't be so damned funny when Perry gets into the race.

BTW, I'm thinking Perry is paying Palin to run a little sideshow for him, i.e., showing up at Repuke sites where some nutcase is announcing that he/she is running for president. Palin's grinning arrival takes some of the red off the candidate's lollipop.

Yes, I believe both Perry and Palin are capable of such planning and tactics.

Jay in N.C.