Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yeah ...

"I find it interesting to see S&P so vigilant now in downgrading the U.S. credit rating. Where were they four years ago when they, and other credit rating agencies, helped cause this horrendous recession by providing AAA ratings to worthless sub-prime mortgage securities on behalf of Wall Street investment firms? Where were they last December when Congress and the White House drove up the national debt by $700 billion by extending Bush's tax breaks for the rich?"

Bernie's right but like I say when it comes to football (soccer) and teams complain about a bad call or two by the ref: If you play well enough (score enough goals, play good defense), a bad call shouldn't matter.

S&P should never have been in the position to judge our creditworthiness*. Had they not manufactured this debt ceiling "crisis" (Obama and the Republicans) - if our elected representatives would govern instead of act like children - the "good faith and credit of the United States" would never have been in question.

To use another football analogy: play the game the way it's supposed to be played. In football, there are The Laws of the Game and none may change them to suit their whim. All over the world (from playground to Premier League), the rules of football are the same. It wouldn't be the same "beautiful game" if FIFA allowed individual regions and leagues to put their own spin on it.

We're changing the rules of the economic game for stupid political motives and we're ruining the game for everyone else. If we want to play with the rest of the world, the people in Washington will have to grow up and govern. American Major League Soccer learned that and so will the rest of us.

*And I got a sneaking suspicion that a whole buncha Wall St. assholes made a killing because of the downgrade. I wonder if Barry will have the AG look into S&P's motivations in that regard? And yes, I already know the answer to that question.


Anonymous said...

The Standard 'Corporate Fascist Raiders' maximize their profits and America's Poor middle class get plooked.

As if our dilapidated political system isn't poisoned enough with the overexposed pseudo flag waving Fascist-Teabaglian ideologue dolts and the incompetent-ineffectual Democrats. Now comes along the Standard and Poor rating agency pallbearers with their warm and fuzzy gold star AA+ downward credit rating debt-gasm, squarely placing the "United Corporate Fascists" cross hairs on their #1 cash cow (plundering America's social safety net programs). Hedge funding fascists are busy blowing up party balloons, triumphantly clinking their Champagne-Ardenne filled Waterford crystal glasses, realizing this contrived credit downgrade just yielded them a few trillion dollars in future profits and the successful outcome of completely destroying the working middle class. Thanks a whole lot, S&P douche monsters. Strike up the fucking band (play Rock Lobster) - we're going - Down, down! (Aaaaaaah)

Gordon said...

I think the downgrade is mostly a statement on our dysfunctional/majorly failed Congress, and they're right, but having it come from that thievery-enabling outfit is like getting a lecture on the virtue of marriage from Neut Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

Gordon... I hear what your saying. However, I think it goes much deeper. What we're seeing in our poisoned political theater is the Republicans using the "Shock & Awe" approach to economics championed by Milton Friedman (Remember him? He was Reagan's economic adviser). The Republicans and Teabaglians just manufactured a shock to the economic system in order to scare the crap out of everyone and convince them that we are broke and can no longer afford the New Deal. When will the American people wake up to the fact that they are witnessing daily their standard of living decreased by the pursuit of an economic approach that has always only succeeded in increasing the wealth of the fascist upper class and decreasing the standard of living of the poor and middle class? Notice that the Republicans and Teabots not only blame the President for the downgrade, but also unrepentantly agree with the S&P's assessment. Why? Because the S&P's assessment reaffirms their phony claim that America is on the edge of a total fiscal collapse. It will allow them to pursue the entitlement destruction the Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics has always recommended. It will help them end the New Deal! That is their ultimate goal. It is the endgame for what the Republicans began under Reagan and the Friedman economic doctrine. Reagan is not the immortal God he is portrayed as by the Right Wing sociopaths. In fact, Reagan and Friedman should be more appropriately compared to as a two-headed demon sent from the bowels of hell, to screw the American middle class. If the Right Wing Pig People pull this off... it will have a disastrous outcome. It will go down in history as the greatest human tragedy.



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