Monday, August 8, 2011

Liquidating the Empire ...

We're gonna have to do it, either voluntarily or not.

Chalmers Johnson died on November 20, 2010, but -- for me at least -- his spirit lives on in the most active of ways. In his last years at, he regularly chewed over the profligacy of the Pentagon, our unbridled urge for military spending, and our penchant for war-making and war preparations without end. He was convinced that we had long passed the point at which we were still a “republic,” that we had decisively opted for empire, and -- long before the U.S. intelligence community came to that conclusion -- that we were on the downward slide, helped along by what he called a “military Keynesianism” run amok.

One question he raised regularly in conversation, but never answered in print, was: What would it mean for the United States -- i.e. a great military superpower -- to bankrupt itself? After all, we aren't Argentina. But if there was no obvious model to draw on, he never doubted one thing: if we didn’t change our ways and reverse course on empire, we would certainly be a candidate for debtor’s prison and a wreck of a country. In his last major essay, also the title of his last (and still unbearably relevant) book, he turned to the issue of “dismantling the empire,” knowing full well that it wasn’t on any imaginable Washington agenda.


I've said all I've had to about this financial mess we're in. It's 2008 redux and there's nothing more to do than ride it out at this point. With the leadership, or lack thereof, in Washington today, I'm not optimistic about the outcome.

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Gordon said...

There's a lot of money in war. OUR money and the MIC wants it. As soon as they've got it all they won't need us any more. We're nearly there.