Friday, December 23, 2011

California Girls!

Havin' a little trouble gettin' enthused ta get off the couch and do that pesky last minute Xmas shopping, bunkie? These gals'll get ya going!

Manpreet & Naina representing California's Bay Area performing @ Warrior Bhangra 2011. This was an exhibition performance. Barso Re Megha Hindi Dance.

Warrior Bhangra was put on by California State University Stanislaus.

Thanks to harjothundal, Yuba City CA. Mucho Bhangra!


Opti said...

That was exactly what I needed :)

Gordon said...


Rook said...

Oh Dear GOD! The Christianists are going to explode when this becomes a popular trend.

Thanks, by the way. It was great to watch.

Gordon said...

It was my pleasure. Glad you liked it.