Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knock, knock. Who's there? Secret Service who?!


The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday it was following up after a California man used Facebook to make a profane threat against President Barack Obama.

"Assassinate the f------ n----- and his monkey children," Jules Manson, 48, a onetime candidate for the Carson, California, City Council, wrote on Facebook Sunday, according to CNN affiliate KTLA.

"I was not in the right state of mind," when he made the posting, Manson told the station. "I was very angry when I made those statements." Asked what he has learned, he said, "to think before you talk. ... Never make statements unless you're in the right state of mind."

This clown lives in a trailer. Musta been the meth fumes off the stove put him in "not the right state of mind".

Also, Carson ain't too far from Compton and maybe claiming he ain't a racist won't be enough to prevent a few drive-bys. Try esplainin' yourself to those guys while they're installing your new air-conditioning one bullet hole (or thirty) at a time. Heh.

Me'n Fixer have called for the demise of many, many neocons, war criminals, one particular POTUS, various and sundry miscreants, etc., many, many times. We're good Americans who believe in rule of law and always, always qualified it by insisting it only be after due process, as in "we'll give him a fair trial and then hang him and then we'll do lunch". Anything else is stupid and just asking for a knock on the door.


Phil said...

I cant believe I haven't had a convoy of black Suburbans in my driveway yet.

Gordon said...

Give it time. You're way down the list and there's only so many Suburbans. :-)