Thursday, December 22, 2011

Die, bitch ...

Things are looking up:

Poor health isn’t slowing down Dick Cheney during the holiday season. The bullish ex-vice president, who suffered five heart attacks, attended a party to welcome Northrop Grumman CEO Wes Bush to DC at former George W. Bush adviser Bobbie Kilberg’s home in McLean, Va., where sources say he seemed “enfeebled.” Cheney sat while others stood at the party, also attended by Virginia Sen. Mark Warner. We’re told he was seen using an oxygen mask to aid his breathing. But Kilberg denied Cheney wore a mask. A Cheney rep added, “Not true. He’s doing fine. He’s celebrating Christmas in Jackson Hole with his family.”

My Christmas wish is that he sheds his mortal coil in the slowest, most painful way possible.

Great thanks to our friend Montag for the link.


David Aquarius said...

May the Fates bestow upon him his most deserved reward...a raging case of rectal herpes.

Because nothing says Dick Cheney more than a festering, painful asshole.

Gordon said...

I hope he lives just long enough to understand he's dying in disgrace. Or prison.