Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Do Jews Do On Christmas?

Delightfully splained to us goyim by a lovely Hebrew maiden:

What Do Jews Do On Christmas? A Limerick Explanation
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Here’s a query that’s answered with ease:
“What do Jews do on Christmas Day, please?”
We watch movies and read.
Surf the Net. (Dull indeed!)
But mostly we munch on Chinese.

I can see through her dining room window that's some good lookin' moo goo gai pan and - oooh! my favorite! - General Tso's Chicken!

(I’ve dedicated that limerick to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. (This post explains why.) And here’s a fun article about Jews and Chinese Food.

Maybe it's oy goy gai pan...


I couldn't resist this one, also from Mad:

"Two Jewish ladies are talking about what they're going to do on Christmas Day.

'Let's take in a movie and then have Chinese for dinner,' suggests the first.

'I don't know about the Chinese,' says the second. 'How about Thai?'

'What are you,' the first says, 'Reform?'


Labrys said...

Damn it, now I want Chinese food!

BadTux said...

Dang, I never knew it was an ancient Jewish tradition to eat Chinese food on Christmas day! Or at least, a tradition older than me, which makes it ancient enough ;). The things you learn on these Internets!

- Badtux the Newly-educamated Penguin

Fixer said...

General Tso's Chicken!

Mrs. F's favorite too.

Gordon said...

Mrs. F is a lady of impeccable taste in most things. ;-)