Thursday, December 22, 2011

I like it ...



Crackers ran the economy, and fucked it up.

Rich white people shouldn't be in charge of capitalism.

Fortunately this is a testable premise. I propose that for a two year period, poor people who are not white should be put in charge of major corporations as well as most major governments.

If they fuck shit up even worse than the current nitwits, then we, the Left, promise to never ever complain again.


I'm down wid it. They certainly couldn't do any worse. Poor folks don't go spending money like drunk squids in Olongapo and generally have more common sense than most of the rich folks I know (it's just that rich folks have the money and juice to fix the fuckups caused by their lack of common sense). I think we'd do pretty well.


BadTux said...

Uhm, just how many poor folk who've come into money do you have experience with, again?

In my experience, poor folk who come into money *do* spend money like drunk squids in Olongapo. I remember one kid whose family hit the jackpot -- they managed to get a monopoly on the black tar heroin trade for the neighborhood. Next thing you know, the kid's wearing designer clothing (but not flashy bling, he wasn't *that* stereotypical!) and buying goodies for all his buds, and hundreds of dollars were flowing through his hands like water.

Uhm, yeah, I got relatives in low places and taught in an inner city school for a while. And your point?

Hmm, on the other hand, given that we're currently suffering a shortage of *consumption*, not a shortage of productive capability, yeah, maybe that'd be a good idea. Like you say, they can't fuck up our economy any more than rich white men have... and given that most of these folks know more about hard work than the rich white dudes, having, like, actually worked for their living with their hands (often two or three jobs at a time, even), my guess is that shit would get shaken up big-time.

But it ain't gonna happen, 'cause poor folk didn't go to the right school and their parents ain't on a first-name basis with the head of IBM (thinkin' about one such "self-made man" who got his big break 'cause his Mom was a personal friend with the head of IBM, now he's a multi-billionaire trying to wreck the public school system by privatizing it, go figure). One could dream, though.

- Badtux the Once-poor Penguin

Gordon said...

The expression we don't hear much any more thank god for poor people who suddenly come into a little money and flash it around and spend it like a drunk squid in Olongapo was "n****r rich". I would suggest using poor single moms. They know how to make good decisions and stretch a buck.