Wednesday, May 30, 2012

At last! A worthwhile use of taxpayers' money!

“The plot of the movie, to the extent that it has one, revolves around a football team and a cheerleader.”

That’s how The Los Angeles Times describes “The Gangbang Girl #32,” a porno shot on the turf of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 2001. So far, no one can say who allowed the movie to film under the lights at the taxpayer-owned stadium and national historic landmark, home of the USC Trojans and the spot where John F. Kennedy once accepted the Democratic presidential nomination.

From the "plot" description I think I can guess at the action scenes...

I've been to the L.A. Coliseum many times, everything from USC football to the first World Series game ever played in L.A. to motocross. There was even a motorcycle hillclimb there once, just a ramp up to the peristyle but the bikes were loud. A friend of mine wandered in there through an unlocked gate and did his Tai Chi in broad daylight and complete solitude on the 50-yard-line.

Earlier this month, facing insolvency, the commission voted earlier this month to surrender control of the facility to USC.

If they'd sold tickets to the porno shoot they woulda cleaned up. Heh.

Afterthought re the USC "Trojans": Coulda been a good product placement deal!


montag said...

"USC "Trojans": Coulda been a good product placement deal!"

Gordon, you are a marketing genius.

Gordon said...

Nah, just from L.A. :-)

Fixer said...

I'd rather pay for porn than some of the other shit they waste tax dollars on.