Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dope songs ...

Our pal and brother-in-arms deuddersun was on a dope song thing the other day on Facebook (Gordon was an accomplice) and some of 'em stuck in my head. So, today I figured I'd add a few of my own to the mix.

Dr. Hook - Do Downs

Elton John - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

And just a note: I forgot how damn good Gracie Slick looked back then.


Gordon said...

I forgot how damn good Gracie Slick looked back then.

Pants-around-the-ankles good lookin'! She doesn't look half bad these days as a senior citizen either.

Good post on the dope songs of my yout' too!

Fixer said...

My yout' too, though I was a little bit more yout'er at the time. ;)

Gordon said...

A blessing! Makes this a multi-generational blog.

David Aquarius said...

I was just a couple of years too young to truly appreciate the 60's. I listened to the music, marveled at the big hair and bralessness but puberty didn't strike until 1970. And yes, I would have sold my virgin soul to drink from Grace Slick's bounty.

My neighborhood was awash in teenagers. Most graduated btwn 1966 and 1970. These kids babysat my younger sibs and threw baskets with my dad on our backyard patio. I was always out there listening to what they talked about.

Damn, I miss those times and those kids. They were my first heroes.

Civic Center said...

I'm old enough to have seen most of the big rock bands of the 1960s live, and to tell you the truth, most of them were pretty disappointing performers. Not Grace Slick, though. She was a goddess through and through, and I love that she retired from the game before she got old.