Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dope 'n Soda

Fixer's on a, er, high roll today so I'm gonna riff off him a little. First dope, then soda, just like in real life when yer mouth gets dry. Heh.

Cocaine for horses, not for men
Doctor said it kill ya
But he don't says when
An-a ho-oh, baby take a whiff on me

Thanks to lucianovolume, Peru. Peru. Heh.

Thanks to aw2basc.

Thanks to sgvsur13.

Don't miss this one! Jon Stewart tears Runtberg a new one!


Fixer said...

You know, I forgot about the Betty Boop song. I watched her when I was a little kid (in the good old days when we were allowed to watch sexist, racist cartoons, heh ...) and never made the connection.

Gordon said...

People like dope. There's lotsa songs from every era.

David Aquarius said...

Now I got that song "Marijuana Boogie" stuck in my head.

Hold it, I know how to get rid of it.


Gordon said...

Forgetting works! :-)