Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If you have a Facebook account ...

You know all about this because you see it in your news feed from your crazy conservative relatives.

Racism is alive and well on Facebook, despite the social network's policy banning hate speech.

A new study from Baylor University shows how anti-Obama and just plain racist groups use Facebook to spread their messages. And we're not talking about politics, but Ku Klux Klan-style hate speech using old stereotypes updated with do-rags and golden grills.

"Some people have declared the present a "post-racial" era in that U.S. citizens elected a black president, maintaining that policies to address racism are no longer necessary," Mia Moody, Ph.D., who led the Baylor study, said in a statement. "But depictions of minorities in new media show otherwise."



Gordon said...

I have a FB friend who is a rabid birther and Obamally deranged and whom I've known since I was three years old, the longest I've known anyone on this earth, and whom I haven't actually seen in fifty years. Luckily she's not very prolific. I can't bear to drop her, and I think someone had a talk with her because lately she's just been posting the "photo of the day" which I never go to. I've dropped other righties.

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