Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rs want to return to our roots

If there's any doubt Rmoney and the Repugs (sounds like a really bad doo-wop group) want to take us back to when Old White Men were young, this should dispel it.

Think Progress

Mitt Romney’s campaign often sounds like it still wants to fight the Cold War. Romney himself said that Russia is the U.S.’s “number one geopolitical foe” (a statement that even Colin Powell mocked) and back in April, a Romney adviser criticized President Obama’s “Czechoslovakia” policy. Today during a foreign policy debate at the Brookings Institution, senior Romney adviser Richard Williamson, attacking Obama’s Syria policy, said the Middle East country is “strategically important to the Soviet Union.” Watch the clip:

It's there if you must.

In a Romney administration, watch for a return to Jim Crow and 'Duck and Cover' as well. Some people never got past High School it seems.


More on the Repug retrograde movement* in the LATimes:

*"Retrograde movement" is mil-speak for "retreat". In this case, from progress.

Clearly, Obama would be doing much worse if he faced a more appealing opponent. No one but Romney's loyal wife is all that crazy about poor Mitt, while Obama is still well liked by a majority of voters. That gives Obama a small advantage. Ironically, though, it may be the folks who detest him and invest in him all their fears who actually are giving him even more of a boost. When middle-of-the-road voters hear the right-wing, paranoid talk about a president they have gotten to know as, if nothing else, a calm, decent family man, they may be inclined to put aside their disappointments with Obama’s first term and give him another four years rather than reward Romney who continues to cater to the crazies.

As out of touch as he is, Willard must think there are more right-wing crazies than there had better be.

Note to Willard: They're loud. And scared of things changing. And really stupid, which is what you are counting on. You know enough accounting tricks, given your business experience and all, to make the Dead End Quarter into a fake majority you can take to the bank as 'leverage' to buy the election. Keep thinking that. Heh.

The money shot:

The president looks far left to conservative Republicans only because they have moved so far right – or, more precisely, so far back in time. They have reverted to an older GOP philosophy – the slavish devotion to wealthy business interests of William McKinley and Warren G. Harding. They have paired that with a fundamentalist religious outlook that used to be found more commonly in backwoods tent revivals and the musty corners of pre-Vatican II Catholicism.

So far, Obama’s campaign has been all big-spending political hardball and very little inspiration. In that, it is a mirror image of Romney’s campaign. Sadly, the presidential race may not get much more edifying in the three months remaining. As a result, if Obama wins this, it will not be because voters endorse or even understand his vision of the future. Rather, it will be because they do not want to revisit the past with Mitt Romney and his backward-looking party.

I hope they don't figure out that when you're always looking in the rear-view mirror the image is a backwards view of where you've been. Maybe they just see something they don't like gaining on them, but the realistic view is always out the windshield.


Fixer said...

Some people never got past High School it seems.

More people than you know, my friend. It seems like this country is made up of nothing but 16 year olds nowadays.

Gordon said...

And they're in charge.

Fixer said...

That's the scary part.