Saturday, July 28, 2012

Conversations ...

So, the Mrs. and I are watching the opening ceremonies when the phone rings. Looking at the caller ID, I see it's a number from England. It was a call I'd been expecting for the previous 24 hours. It was my dear old friend Terry, the crazy Welshman.

Me: Hey, mate, just watching the Queen and James Bond. How's by you?

Terry: Who the fook is this bloody fooking Romney character?

Me: He's running for President.

Terry: President? No ...

Me: What, you don't like him?

Terry: Like him? Bloody fooking 'ell, the man is a bloody fooking idiot. You Yanks can't be serious about him, can you?

Me: According to the polls, 40% of us are.

Terry: Didn't you learn from that idiot, Bush? What the fook is wrong with you people? Why did you send this guy here?

Me: He's showing off his diplomatic skills.

Terry: Thinks he's a diplomat, does he? Bloody fool. He comes here, insults my country and my Queen, and violates our security protocols and he thinks he's a bloody fooking diplomat? Now that Mrs. Obama; she's a statesman. You gotta promise me, boyo, you can't elect that fooking idiot. Bloody fooking prick, he is.

Me: I'm doing what I can, brother.

Terry: Do more. So, how's your lovely missus ...

Terry is 65 years old, a successful businessman, and a dyed-in-the-wool Tory; no flaming lib by any measure. He is, however, a man with a lot of common sense. Why is it that only in America can a lying, two-faced turd like Romney be taken seriously? Everywhere else, they see him for the bastard he is.


casey said...

Hello Fixer,

Looking from a distance gives perspective. Using a microscope or telescope gives that view. Being next to something takes all perspective away. This is overly simplistic but I think accurate as to why we continue to put the wrong people in charge of our destruction. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting a different result then yes we are in fact insale.

Gordon said...

Thanks for sharing that, F-Man. Outstanding! And that's how I spell the "f" word with a Brit accent too. :-)

The answer to your final question is: Most of the Dead End Quarter DOES see him for what he is and don't like him, but he's not Obama.

Fixer said...

Dude, it went just like that as soon as I picked up the phone. No "hi, F-man, how are you doing", nothing. I told the Mrs. as soon as we heard the news about Mitt stepping on his dick "Terry should be calling any second." I'm surprised it took him a whole day. Heh ...

Gordon said...

I think it's great that you got that personal input from across the pond. Willard's a bloody twit in any accent or language.