Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"the dynamic duo of Republican fucktardery"

El Rude-o sounds off on Crazy Eyes and Louie the Gomer.

So when the dynamic duo of Republican fucktardery, Representatives Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert, work together on an issue, they create a deep and powerful void of ignorance, a black hole where imbecilic thought is actually dangerous. [...]

There's always somebody out there who is fucking things up for Bachmann. Liberal educators, socialist members of Congress, Muslims, all the stealth anti-American Americans who simply won't let Bachmann's view of America come to its fullest fruition. Perhaps the good idiots of Bachmann's district, who keep sending her back to Congress, ought to consider that their representative is the one who has America wrong.

"Bachmann's view of America" is a dark and scary place and thank God (probably not her dark and scary God) it exists only in her head and those of just enough others to have elected enough like-minded scaredy-cat room-temperature-I.Q. throwbacks to have temporarily seized the government and we see how poorly that works. She is going to lose her next election and we will be on the way back from madness.


Jimbo said...

Yeah, I'd like to believe that she's not going to get re-elected but boorish morons that have voted her in repeatedly don't appear to have any reason not to do so again just because she's a national embarrassment.

Gordon said...

Yeah, they sure don't seem very embarrassed by the ignorant fucktardery they elected that ought to have them hiding their faces in shame at what they've done

Fixer said...

You have to have your shame gene removed to become a Republican.

Gordon said...

Maybe they never had a "shame gene" to begin with. I've thought for years there was something genetically defective about them.

Fixer said...

"... genetically defective ..."

Best explanation I've heard yet. ;)