Thursday, August 16, 2012

Republican Senator Calls Romney a "Stupid Back Stabber"


Responding to Romney's plan to kill energy production and thousands of jobs in Iowa, long time conservative Senator Chuck Grassley called Romney "stupid" and a "back stabber" at two town hall meetings.

In his unabated campaign to piss off every possible voter, Mitt Romney called for the cancellation of tax credits for wind energy, a move that would kill 37,000 good paying jobs nationwide.

In Iowa alone, 7,000 people are employed in the wind energy sector, producing a quarter of the state's electric power.

Kind of amazing to think that, mass-quantity-hot-air blowhard that he is, Willard is against wind power. You'd think he'd be trying for yet another federal subsidy.

Grassley's pretty much your standard Repug asshole, but he got it right this time.

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Fixer said...

Bain probably doesn't own any wind power related businesses.