Monday, August 13, 2012

The Social Terrorist Vision of Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Politics of the Anti-Christ

Jeff Fulmer

Last ¶:

Ayn Rand was much more open and honest about her belief system; publically condemning the notion of ethical altruism, preferring her own “virtue of selfishness.” A self-described atheist, she accepted this was contrary to Christ’s teachings to ‘take care of the least of these.” Her religion was capitalism, and she unabashedly wrote that the individual “should exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others, nor sacrificing others to himself.” Of course, Jesus did not “shrug” off the world like the heroes of Atlas Shrugged. Instead, he became the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life for everyone. That’s a very different message than the one you will find in Ayn Rand’s books or Paul Ryan’s budget.

Most people read Rand when they're about college age. A lot of guys read it when I was in the service. It's an attractive notion before your brain is fully formed. Most people grow out of it.

Ryan has said he's denounced Rand. Probably just the atheist part.

Oh, Rand was a Russian immigrant. Like Orly Taitz and Russian mobsters. I think Russia releases people to us they don't want. Heh.

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