Wednesday, September 1, 2004

The fluffers


BUSH TWINS SPEECH, 10:26 P.M.: Welcome to the Sweet Valley High Republican National Convention. Jenna and Barbara Bush took to the podium this evening and confirmed that, yes, they are too ditzy and inarticulate to help their dad on the trail. The twins managed to systematically embarrass each and every important member of the Bush team with their DOA jokes. No one, from Andy Card to Karen Hughes, was spared. The girls ragged on their “Gammy” Barbara Bush for being a prudish, un-hip, old lady who doesn’t appreciate Sex and the City. “You’re just not cool,” they giggled. Gammy wasn’t laughing. Neither was Dick Cheney. And neither was I.

Did anybody vet these girls? Karen Hughes told Larry King that she had worked on Laura Bush’s speech. Did she even glance at the girls’ prepared text? Was there one?

Even the folks over at the Corner were cringing. When that happens, you know it’s bad.

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