Thursday, September 2, 2004

Womens' Rights

As Bill Clinton said: "Being Pro-Choice does not mean you're pro-abortion." This via Corrente:

Bush and the Right to Life

Next time one of the Fetish for the Fetus people gets in your face about Republicans being the Party of Life, the party that has cut funding for anybody anywhere in the world who even thinks about telling a woman who wants one where she can get a clean, safe abortion, mention these other lives they never want to talk about:

(via BBC)

Almost 200 women die each day after having a botched abortion, according to a report.

Ipas, a non-governmental organisation based in the United States, says there are 70,000 such deaths each year.

It says unsafe abortions are also leaving thousands of women with long-term debilitating injuries. The biggest problems are in Asia.

Have we forgotten the bad old days when women would die in back rooms at the hands of unethical doctors? I wonder, if the Fluffer Twins had an unwanted pregnancy or two, would President Testicle-deficient and Laura make them follow through or take them to a clinic forthwith?

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